Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Make Up & Tips

Looking good in the summer is not hard to achieve, you just have to pick out the right products. The picture below are all my favorite products to use during the summer, don't be intimidated by how much is on the picture. Keep in mind is only my favorites, i do not use all these at once. All you beautiful people also keep in mind that not all beautiful result have to come from high end cosmetics, drug stores can also give you an amazing result.

Most girls try to avoid applying make up in the summer because the last thing they want is to cake on foundation in this summer heat. Sometimes we still want to look polish, especially when we hit the beach or going to a special date/dinner. You can still look good with out the heavy make up and this is how. One simple rule to follow is to keep it simple and minimal during the summer.

Start your day by cleansing your face to remove any dirty by using a gel cleanser. You may want to wash your face constantly in the summer to keep cool, but avoid over washing your face as this strips alway your natural oil. (Tip 1: Try using a toner to freshen up your face, I suggest Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner.)
After washing your face is extremely important to apply a good moisturizer (Tip 2: I recommend using a gel moisturizer & a moisturizer with spf.) Gel moisturizer tends to have a faster absorbency than regular lotion. SPF is extremely important in the summer to protect against UV rays, i personally prefer a SPF moisturizer to cut the amount of cream that you need have to apply.

One Thing that makes or breaks the make up is a primer, rather if is a face primer or a eye primer is an extremely important product. My must have face primer is Make Up Forever HD Primer in zero. This stuff works and i have been using it for almost over a year now, it smooths out my skin, helps my makeup last longer and creates a great canvas for my tinted moisturizer & OR foundation (if i wanted a bit more coverage). I like using a tinted moisturize on the days where i am heading to the beach, i don't want full coverage but still want to look polish.

Just throw on a tinted moisturizer and conceal the under eye area and any imperfections you may have. I am currently using Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Concealer in Sand, this is by far my favorite drug store liquid concealer. Believe me it makes a huge difference by concealing the under eye area but before that always make sure to apply an eye cream. (Tip 3: When applying concealer to really blend out the product, use a gentle padding motion with your fingers & be sure to set it with a loose powder to avoid creasing.) If you want a little more coverage than just a tinted moisturizer you can always go in with a liquid foundation. (Tip 4: Pick out a long lasting & waterproof formula foundation, this will eliminate the touch up needed and keep your make up from looking cakey.) Make sure you set your face with a press powder, currently I am using Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. This will give you a little bit more coverage if you are just wearing a tinted moisturizer, you are always welcome to set it with a transparent loose powder.

In the summer I like to go with very soft color for the eyes and one particular color i have been grabbing for is Purple. Sometimes i like to take one color and blend it up to my crease to give it a bit of color. For a more smokey look apply liquid eyeliner/ gel liner. (Tip 5: When picking out a color for your eye liner go with something softer, for example an eggplant color or brown instead of the traditional black. This will give a softer appearance giving the illusion that you are not wearing eye liner.) Now to finish the whole look, i like to apply bronzer to contour my face a little bit I love NYC Bronzer in Sunny. This is my must have bronzer all year long, the color wont make you muddy and because is very sheer you can build up your desire color intensity. Last of all finish it with a blush i like to go with a peachy matte blush this puts back a nice glow to your face.

Now you don't have to look plain during the summer, you can still look hot with out feeling you apply too much make up on. Enjoy your summer until next time. XOXO

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